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Kitchen/Diner Extension - the brief

This family were under going a kitchen extension, and wanted to do something to make the space feel interesting and away from the standard format. They had lots of ideas, but were worried the scheme might look too busy. 

We worked together and decided upon a way to bring in lots of textures and different materials as a way to break up one long wall. I sourced antique French shutters to use as pantry doors, and commissioned banquette seating for a narrow dining area to maximise the space. A polished concrete floor and fresh whitewashed wooden cladding on the walls completes the look. Doesn't sound like it should work - but it does!

Design Elements

Bespoke banquette seating
Re-claimed London brick from demolition of original wall
Polished concrete floor
Wooden cladding
Re-claimed antique shutters
Crittal windows and French patio doors
Velvet covered sofa
Antique Turkish rug